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July 23, 2015

Info About Career in Interior Designing

Rapid urbanization of the country has led to the shrinking of residential and commercial spaces. In this anomalous situation, individuals have no other option but to lookout for professionals who […]
July 13, 2015
Info about different types of fashion designers

Different Types of Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are responsible for sketching new designs, conceptualizing the next big styles and combining some of the finest accessories of the world. A fashion designer spends most of his/her […]
June 17, 2015

What is Visual Merchandising in Fashion?

The fashion retailing industry of today has majorly benefited from Visual Merchandising, because it is these activities that attract shoppers to step inside the store and make a purchase. When an […]
June 10, 2015

About What is Interior Designing

Do you enjoy decorating rooms and organizing furniture? Do you always receive compliments for the way you plan out the interiors of your house? If you answered a yes to […]
June 2, 2015

Scope of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion Designing is seen as an upcoming career option in today’s world. It is glamorous, appealing, exciting and lucrative as well. The art, influenced by social and cultural attitudes of people […]