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Graphic Design and Communication

Course Duration : 6 Months / 1 Year

Good design is about effective communication, not decoration at the expense of legibility.

Karl Lagerfeld

Graphic Design & Design and communication program . Graphic Design is half course till the time student doesn’t understand communication of design. Design & Communication furnishes students to apply the principles of design to a wide range of communication challenges across various forms and types of media.

The key elements of the program lay stress on originality and conceptual development. This program discovers various techniques utilized by professionals in telling impactful stories and ideas through production and post-production processes. Students will get chance to enhance their knowledge on how to build, analyze, and evaluate digital products, services, and tools.

This Course of Design and Communication aims to facilitate students to learn and explore on graphic design, brand study & Management, Design thinking process and content writing along with industry-specific areas of study such as information design, photography, ad designing, and cad design. Students learn to create and share compelling messages from concept stage to final form while exploring the social and environmental considerations of communication. The curriculum contains both the fundamentals of design and software, which aims to develop a strong portfolio of work among students to present to prospective employers.

After this course student get ample of job opportunities.. They have option to work freelance or do any permanent job. Now in the era of digitalization every brand needs a person for brand management after doing this course of Design & Communication Student can manage brand on his own and reap good results for the company. Pay packages offer by the companies to fresher are somewhere between 18000- 25000/. Once a person has experience of 6-8 months then sky is the limit.

Course Details

  • Foundation Art
  • Design & Visualization fundamentals
  • Graphic Design
  • SMO
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Digital Ad designing
  • Brand Study & Management
  • Content Writing
  • Blogging Vlogging

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