PG Diploma in Interior Designing

PG Diploma in Interior Designing by Just Designs Institute – Trains the future Interior Designing leaders capable of designing objects & make interior spaces functional.

The Post-Graduate (PG) Diploma in Interior design at Just Designs Institute, is a professional program that seeks to prepare students for a career in the design of interior spaces in the built environment. Interior design is closely related to other design disciplines like graphic design, industrial design and architecture.

Course Duration : 2 Years

This Interior Design PG course promotes a dynamic and speculative approach to the design of interior spatial environments and values research that seeks to challenge traditional methodologies. The pathway explores the interactions between people and their cultures, emotions and activities   through various social functions of living, working, resting and playing. The approach integrates technical, functional, theoretical, materials, aesthetics, and creative processes of design with a strong emphasis on critical thinking, independent learning and social/ecological consciousness. After a basic exposure to the fundamental history and theory of interior design and through design studio projects, students take advantage of a flexible elective curriculum that covers typologies across residential and commercial spaces. It inculcates creativity ,initiates and nurture innovation and judgment along with intellectual and conceptual  insight of interior and Exterior design industry . It develops in students the ability to work with self direction , professionalism and originality to contribute to business and society.

Course Details

Foundation ArtInterior Design Space PlanningTechnical Representation of Drawing
Building Material and Method of ConstructionFurniture DesignHistory
VastuCommercial ProjectsDesign and Communication
CAD -1st Year 2D, 2nd Year 3D, 3rd Year 3D MaxWorking DrawingLandscaping
ClimatologyBill of Quantity

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    Why Enroll In Just Designs Institute ?

    PG Diploma in Interior Designing from Just Designs Institute Noida, Delhi NCR is just the push that a student requires to completely understand and establish a name in the demanding yet rewarding market of Interior Designing. Our approach goes beyond formal teaching as we focus on the fundamentals of incorporating all the necessary tools that help a student develop independent thinking and impactful execution.

    The innovative teaching methods mixing traditional lectures, practical workshops, personal researches, experimentation, peer to peer presentations and various visits, lead students to become creative and pragmatic, curious and analytical, imaginative and excellent technicians and prepare them to the possibility of an international career. The one to one approach allows them to develop their own creative universe while being adaptable to different styles, types of brand and market segments at the same time.

    Career Options

    • Interior Decorator
    • Freelance Stylist
    • Store Stylists
    • Designer at Furnishing Houses
    • Interior Firms
    • Furniture Designer
    • Landscape Designer
    • Project Estimator
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Bathroom Designer
    • Decor Journalists
    • Kitchen Designer
    • Institutional Designer
    • Exhibition Designer