Course Duration :
Recognized Certificate Course :6 months
Approved Diploma Course : 1 year
Benefits of Online Course:
 Learn Fashion Designing During Covid-19
One to One Doubt Classes
Individual Attention
Designer Workshops
Industry Internship

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    Online Fashion Design Course

    Clear your doubts related to Online Fashion Designing Course

    1. What is the enrollment procedure for the online classes?

    The enrolment procedure for the online course is they canfill a simple form, which is available on the website. If needed, a link can also be shared with the interested candidates via e-mail.

    2. What are the benefits of online classes?

    Online Learning is the new normal. Internationally online classes have been a very popular because they help a large number of students, get quality education from the comfort of their houses. In India this concept of online classes is catching up very fast. All a learner needs is a dedicated internet connection and you can learn from the comfort of your homes. The biggest plus an online learning course provides is, flexibility of time. Another benefit is there no need to travel to your college since the outreach is far and wide.

    Online Fashion Design Courses, Online Fashion Design Courses

    3. What are the timings and days for online fashion designing classes?

    In this student will be getting  two video lectures per week and one live question answer/discussion session with the concerned faculty on skype/Duo/zoom or  any other application/medium they are comfortable with.

    4. Do you have weekend classes as well and what are its timings ?

    Yes, we  have weekend learning sessions  on saturday and timings which are held between  10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

    5. How do you schedule your lesson plans for online classes ?

    We teach through video sessions which are regularly shared with the learners. We start with a foundation course to ease the transition for the learners, into the world of fashion. The course is than build up to teaching the technicalities of design and design process In addition to online session videos we have online interaction with the subject teacher.

    6. How to apply in Just Design Institute for Online Fashion Designing Course?

    The enrolment procedure for the online course is they can fill a simple form, which is available on the website. If needed, a link can also be shared with the interested candidates via e-mail.

    7. Can I learn fashion designing online?

    Yes,now due to advancement of technology, one can easily learn fashion designing online. Our courses are designed by the subject matter experts in collaboration with the industry experts. Which facilitates regular interaction with the subject matter experts. This comes handy in learning the course in totality, from the comfort of their homes.

    8. What is the eligibility for online fashion designing course?

    The minimum eligibility for the fashion design course is 10th standard and above from any board/ University. The course is available in both Hindi and English to ease the learning process for the students at Just Design Institute. All a student needs is a little bit of creativity, a little discipline and a lot of heart to learn.

    9. How much does a Fashion Designer make in India?

    It is difficult to define an upper limit to the amount a fashion designer can make, because there is none. A fashion designer is a sought after qualification in the apparel market. The organised fashion apparel industry is the biggest employer for the fashion design students. This not only gives them a good exposure it also helps them start a career with a good brand or export house.  India being the diverse country has a very long fectival and wedding season which has created a huge demand for freelance fashion designers who can create beautiful outfits for their clientsdepending on the occasions they need them for.

    10. What does a fashion designer do?

    A fashion Designer creates  outfits.

    Depending on the kind of work place they chose to be in they can be working on these based collections. Work to dress their clients on the basis of occasions, or could be creating samples for export houses. In the nutshell this is the field where recession never hits people. People want to buy designer garments and would love to wear a different outfit on every occassion. A designer has to be passionate because they have to understand the need of their client and collaborate it with their body types to create that dream outfit.

    Fashion Design Online Course

    Fashion Designing has evolved over the years to offer more styles, patterns, and designs to keep up with modern society. At Just Designs, we offer one of the best online fashion designing degree courses to guide the next generation of students for better prospects in the Fashion industry.

    Basic + Advanced Online Diploma in Fashion Designing

    This Course includes all the theoretical aspects and practical approaches with a more video-focused approach to propel. The course assists students in studying the latest fashion trends, material understanding, garment selection, elemental knowledge, and developing fashion collection.

    All the basic techniques in Fashion designing such as color theory, sketching, draping, sewing, etc are also emphasized in the learning curve. Special assistance is provided in the use and implementation of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software for working with the Fashion Designing industry. We also prepare students for management and communication to become future entrepreneurship along with encouraging students to go for further research and development in scaling their careers.

    All video sessions are offered to students uniformly developed by professors to guide students efficiently from the comfort of their homes. Private sessions with one on one conversations with instructors also give more freedom for students to work collaboratively and simplify complexities to bring ideas to presentations.

    Newer technologies and high streaming devices have further made online courses more feasible. Visualization offers better measures for students to grasp the basics of fashion designing. Students can effectively pause, rewind, and listen to the same lessons again and again, to clear their doubts in clarifying the fundamentals.

    This Fashion Online course enables even the students from far corners of the country to learn and study at the same level. International students can also apply for this course and enjoy the same benefits to get certification in helping them start a career in Fashion Designing.