Creative Pattern Making

Course Duration : 6 Months

A course in Pattern Making Techniques (PMT) and Garment Manufacturing Techniques (GMT) is extremely vital for individuals who wish to establish a career in the field of fashion.

Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality. Garment Manufacturing Technology is a technically driven course valued by the fashion industry in India as well as overseas. The course deals with details of apparel production technologies like – various process under apparel production, various types of production processes, machinery and equipment, latest technologies for the apparel production, knowledge from fiber to fashion. The growing demand of manufacturing industries globally has created boundless career opportunity. The program imparts skills in the areas of garment manufacturing processes and finishes to cater to the needs of apparel industry. It emphasizes in the areas of production, planning, controlling and management practices followed in apparel industries. The outcome of the learning is to make students technocrats equipped to manage all variables in a manufacturing unit and to make right decisions.

The program is tailor-made for the Garment Industry Professionals from the areas of Apparel Construction & Technology. The curriculum is structured in an Endeavour to instill practical problems solving ability within the students. The primary subjects are pattern development and draping, Technical Garment Art & garment construction. Students also get inputs in production planning and control, and market sourcing.

The garment industry focuses on the goodness of patterns that make them. A professional pattern maker decides the fate of the garment by giving it a workable pattern for mass production and sales. Since there is a lot of scope and success for a business generating its own original patterns, manufacturers are in search of professional pattern makers. A Pattern Making Techniques course takes care of designing and the process of converting that design into reality.

On completion of this course, students obtain professional training that enhances the skills to sew a garment, and have better understanding of tailoring principle. The course is advantageous for everyone who is interested in designing and producing “Haute Couture” Garments. The course allows you to get a better comprehension of latest cuts, trying out more complicated styles and techniques, and at the same time creating a design collection of your own.

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