Fashion Merchandising Course in Noida, Delhi NCR

Fashion Merchandising

Course Duration : 6 Months

The program conducted by Department of Fashion Technology aims to impart knowledge in the areas of apparel costing, fashion marketing, retail management, apparel production, merchandising and export operation procedures for professional in domestic & export fashion business as well as for entrepreneurs. Fashion merchandising is the promotion of apparel sales and involves all of the tasks necessary to deliver the clothing requests and meet the needs of potential customers and designers. Fashion merchandising involves developing campaigns, displays and advertisements, directing manufacturing and marketing as well as creating sales strategies for the fashion industry or the retail environment. Merchandising also refers to the necessary preparation that must be completed in order to ensure that the merchandise is accessible and appealing to the customers. You have to attract the customer to the product! Fashion merchandising involves the production of fashion design and distribution of final products to the end consumer. Fashion merchandisers work with designers to ensure that designs will be affordable and desired by the target market. Fashion merchandising involves the promotion, buying and selling of apparel and fashion accessories. Jobs in this field typically require a keen knowledge of consumer demand and satisfaction, products, and fashion trends. Read on to find out more about fashion merchandising career options.

Career Options

  • Merchandising Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Sampling Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Buying Agent
  • Entrepreneur

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