Furniture Design course in Noida,Delhi NCR

Furniture Design

Course Duration : 6 Months

Rapid urbanization and commercial infrastructure growth demands call for well-designed furniture and interior spaces. Interior design today is beyond decoration or styling of the spaces.

Furniture design deals with human comfort and living space which relate to the skill base functional performance and efficiency.

The Programme provides an integrated approach to the design of furniture and interior objects and systems as part of one’s living and working habitat, while striving to redefine the boundaries of such elements with a systems perspective.

Special emphasis is placed on the ability to develop self-made prototypes in order to test human and functional factors v/s aesthetics and use of materials.

The course in Furniture design allows you to develop critical and analytical abilities together with educational values that contribute to a lifelong learning attitude.

Course Details

History of FurnitureBasics of Furniture DesignTypes of Furniture
ErgonomicsDesign PrincipleResidential & Commercial Furniture Design
Detailing of Furniture

Career Options

  • Furniture Designer
  • Furniture Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Researcher
  • Freelance Furniture Designer
  • Furniture House Owner

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